Who needs a gun? I have a car!!!

1. According to the latest government statistics from the CDC, more people died in car crashes involving texting or cell phone usage than died in incidents involving firearms in the year 2012, yet no one is calling for the banning of cell phones.
2. The same government statistics say that more people died of septicemia associated with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) than in gun related incidents, yet the major contributors to the MRSA, our hospitals, are still operating without government harassment.
3. The same CDC statistics say that more people die from cirrhosis of the liver than gun related incidents, yet alcohol is still legal (though the government did try to make that illegal once and you see how that went).
4. This report also shows that, statistically, you are more apt to be stabbed, poisoned, or beaten to death with a blunt object or body parts (all readily available in any home and completely legal and unregulated and most have arms, legs, or a head) than you are to be shot or killed with a firearm.
5. If someone wants to commit murder, it doesn’t take a gun to commit this crime. Proof of this could be a very long list but here are just a few (and I have purposefully omitted 9/11 where our own commercial aircraft were used for mass homocide)…
• Lizzie Borden killed her parents with an axe.
• Blanche Taylor Moore poisoned her victims (there were 1-4 victims).
• Jim Jones murdered over 400 people with poisoned kool-aid.
• Mass genocide was committed in Rowanda, a large number of the deaths by bludgeoning and chopping with machetes.
• Timothy McVey killed 19 people including 3 children in Oklahoma City with fertilizer turned into a bomb.
It’s enough to make me ask, “Why firearms?” Why is the government so threatened by the 2nd Amendment and my right as a citizen to own a firearm? They should be more worried about me having a car.

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What is this feeling?

Have you ever had the feeling of some impending doom?  For the past few days I have felt as if something bad is about to happen.  I don’t know what but I just feel it.  I am having horrific dreams and things just don’t feel right.  I have tried to tell myself that it’s the weather or it’s the alignment of the stars but I am just not convincing myself of this.  Is it possible that life has dealt me so much crap that when things are going well my psyche goes into this mode of something must be wrong?  Am I creating self-fulfilling prophecy?  Lord, I hope not.  Any suggestions?

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Such Curious Dreams…


I had the most curious dream last night.  I dreamed I was trying to stable a horse that was spooked during a thunderstorm and the horse kept fighting being put in the stable.  Finally, the horse was stabled and I could return to wherever it was that I had come from.  In the process of running in the rain I found myself in a field with a tree in the middle.  I was running to the tree and when I reached it there was a child sitting beneath.  This child was a beautiful little creature with rosy cheeks and big blue almond shaped eyes.  In the softest voice she said, “my name is Rowan”.  There was a loud crack of thunder and I woke up from the dream.  I have gone over this dream several times today looking for its meaning but draw a blank.  Any thoughts?


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